Primary Schools Tournament Results

Primary Schools Tournament Results

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Last week we hosted the 73rd Primary Schools Tournament in Otaki. Well done to all of the players who participated in the tournament and especially to those boys who made the tournament team. Congratulations to Wellington for winning the tournament. Results:

Monday 29th September
Hutt Valley: 72 v Mana: 5
Wellington: 58 v Rangitikei: 0

Tuesday 30th September
Horowhenua Kapiti: 64 v Mana: 10
Hutt Valley: 67 v Rangitikei: 10
Wednesday 1st October
Horowhenua Kapiti: 64 v Rangitikei: 7
Hutt Valley: 21 v Wellington: 29

Thursday 2nd October
Horowhenua Kapiti: 12 v Wellington: 57
Mana: 27 v Rangitikei: 12 

Friday 3rd October
Wellington: 45 v Mana: 0
Horowhenua Kapiti: 5 v Hutt Valley: 81