Shannon 7’s Draw

Shannon 7’s Draw

Shannon 7’s Draw 150 150 HKRFU

The draw for the Shannon 7’s has been announced:

Pool A   Shannon,  C.O.B Levin,  Feilding Old Boys Oroua.
Pool   B    Paraparaumu,  Kia Toa,  Athletic.
Pool C    C.O.B Palmerston North,  West Roosters,  Wanderers.
Pool D    Greytown,  Freyberg, Waikanae.

9-15 Manager’s Meeting

  9-30 Shannon v C.O.B Levin      (Pool A)
 9-45  Kia Toa v Athletic     (Pool B)

10-00  C.O.B Palmerston North v  Wanderers  (Pool C)
10-15  Waikanae v Freyberg  (Pool D) 
10-30  Shannon v Feilding Old Boys Oroua (Pool A)
10-45  Athletic v Paraparaumu (Pool B)
11-00  C.O.B Palmerston North v West Roosters (Pool C)

11-15 Freyberg v Greytown  (Pool D)
11-30 C.O.B Levin v Feilding Old Boys Oroua (Pool A)
11-45 Kia Toa v Paraparaumu (Pool B)
12-00 Wanderers v West Roosters (Pool C)
12-15 Greytown v Waikanae (Pool D)

Quarter Finals
1-15 Winner ‘A’ v Second ‘B’    1
1-30 Winner ‘C’ v Second ‘D’    2
1-45 Winner ‘B’ v Second ‘A’    3
2-00 Winner ‘D’ v Second ‘C’    4

Semi Finals Plate
2-15 Third ‘A’ v Third ‘B’       5
2-30 Third ‘C’ v Third ‘D’       6

Semi Finals Cup
2-45 Winner ‘1′ v Winner ‘2′    7
3-00 Winner ‘3′ v Winner ‘4′   8

Plate Final
3-15 Winner ‘5′ v Winner ‘6′

Cup Final
3-45 Winner ‘7′ v Winner ‘8′